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Xi'an Technology Model Enterprise
Semipower Pass Environmental Management System Certification by China Quality Center
Semipower has successfully passed the Audit of Intellectual Property Standards in Shaanxi Province
Semipower won the "2016 Special Contribution Award" of Salcomp”
Semipower was awarded the Consistent Contribution of Ten Years by Salcomp
Xi 'an Semipower has passed ISO9001:2015 Quality Management System Certification
Test and Application center has passed the CNAS accreditation by the China national Accreditation Committee for Conformity Assessment
Semipower won the best LED Drive Power Solution Award in 2014
Semipower was elected as the board member of Shaanxi semiconductor industry association
Semipower has obtained the innovation fund acceptance certificate
Semipower has become the executive director of China power supply society
Semipower was awarded as "Outstanding Graduate Enterprise of the Pioneer Park".
Semipower won the 2012 China IC Achievement Award
Semipower won the Best Chinese IC Electronic Achievement Award in 2012
Semipower "Project Tracking System" Pass Shaanxi province software product registration
Semipower won the "Best Chinese IC Electronic Achievement Award in 2011"
Testing center was awarded Engineering Technology Research Center
Semipower won the Strategic Emerging Industry Star Enterprise Title
Semipower won the Annual China Outstanding IC Design Team Award
Semipower won the "China Semiconductor Innovation Products and Technology" Award
Semipower won the"LED Key Collaboration Supplier”
Super Junction(SJ) Mosfet SW8N80K won Best Product in 2015
Semipower has been certified by the Public Technology Service Platform
Semipower has been certified by the public technology service platform
Semipower has become a member of China power supply association
Semipower become a member of Shaanxi software industry association
Semipower has been recognized as "One Hundred Excellent Overseas Students' Enterprises with the most Promising Growth".
High-Tech Enterprise Certification
Super Junction MOS-SW47N65KF was awarded as "The Second Automotive Electronics Science and Technology Outstanding Innovative Products"
Semipower pass the integrated circuit design enterprises recognized
The test & application center has become Special Nominated Agency of the provincial public service demonstration platform for small and medium-sized enterprises
SAMWIN became a famous trademark of Shaanxi province