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IEC TC47/WG6 and IEC TC47/WG7 Working Group Meeting

Time:2019/10/24 14:52:36Number of visits:1489

IEC TC47/WG6 and IEC TC47/WG7 Working Group Meeting was held fromFeb.27thto March1st, 2019 in Shenzhen.

Themeeting was mainly held by The 13thResearch Institute of ChinaElectronics Technology Group Corporation, jointly held by National KeyLaboratory of ASIC and samwin south semiconductor Co.,Ltd, subsidiary of Semipower was theco-organizer. 

The main discussion content of the meeting: four standards of the energycollection semiconductor device series, one standard of the test and evaluationmethod of the kinetic energy collection device in the actual vibrationenvironment and two new work items in the voting, the technical opinions andagreed to enter the next stage of standard formulation. In discussing thefuture work items of the working group, Japanese experts introduced two newproposals of "arm swing vibration energy collector" and"thermoelectric energy collector" proposed by the National Committeeof Japan.

Semipower has been committed to promoting the standardization ofsemiconductor power devices and participated in the formulation and revision ofa number of national and international standards for semiconductor powerdevices. Semipower has three technical experts who are members of the NationalSemiconductor Power Device Standardization Committee and members of JEDECinternational standardization organization.