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Solemn Statement

Time:2019/10/24 15:10:32Number of visits:3635

Recently, one article named “Sanction listof Chinese Universities and Enterprises by United States Department of Commerce”(the link was invalid or deleted) was very popular on internet and they wronglyput our company on the list. We were shocked and angry with this. The company hascarried out some consultation and investigation, including but not limited to FEDERALREGISTER website, ENTITY LIST on BIS website and made the following solemnstatement:

1. Xi'an Semipower Electronic TechnologyCo.,Ltd. (Register address: E101, GLP I-PARK, No. 8 Tiangu Road, Hi-tech Zone,Xi’an) and its subsidiaries are not on the ENTITY LIST and Xian Semi ElectronicCo., Ltd. on the list is not our company. The list on the article above is thewrong translation with bad purpose.

2. The company contacted the platform andthe author to delete the article and entrusted the layer from Beijing King &WoodMallesons to handle relative issues. And reserve the right to investigate thelegal responsibility of the rumor maker.

3. The company will investigate the legalresponsibility of the units, media, individuals and self media that continue tospread the article and other untruthful pictures and texts maliciously.

Hereby the declaration.

Thanks for the concern and support of oursuppliers and customers, we will continue to provide customers withhigh-quality products, perfect services and all-round technical support.

Xi'an Semipower Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd.

May 28th, 2019