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Red Army Tour, Kindness Passing on

Time:2019/10/24 15:17:46Number of visits:1807

Northwestern Polytechnical University party committee and SEMIPOWER party committee together organized red army tour to memorize revolutionary ancestors and inherit the revolutionary tradition and activities to passing on kindness on Jun 19, 2019. 15 people from the university party committee and 6 people from SEMIPOWER party committee went to FUPING to visit Xi Zhongxun’stomb, who sought truth, fought for people and put the profit of Party at firstposition and then they went to Dujia primary school, playing with the children,sending books, cloths  and encouraging them to study hard, ect.


Through the visit, they deeply realized the hard wonhappiness of life,  defined the historical mission of young peoplein the new eramore clearly, and enhanced the sense of historical responsibility andnational mission.

In the school, they played Aero module assembly with students to enrich their life and let them chase their dreams.

What a meaningful activity.