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Xi'an Longmen Action plan TOP20 in 2019--SEMIPOWER

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Global Venture Capital Summit 2019 was opened in Xi’an on Aug. 29, 2019 to set up aseamless channel between enterprises, industries and capital and gather trillions of capital for the development of Xi'an “venture capital”.

The mayor and the Vice secretary, vice president of Party Committee of Asset Management Association of China gave the opening speech. Jin Haitao, former chairman of Shenzhen Venture Capital and chief executive partner of Qianhai equity investment fund, made the theme report titled “2019, the year of China'sinvestment opportunities”.

Unveil the list of Top 100 of Xi'an Future Stars and Top 20 of Xi'an Longmen Action Plan in 2019

The list selection lasted more than two months, Xi'an 1859 enterprises participated in the election and more than 50 well-known institutional investors jointly reviewed and finally determined the list of enterprises.

Top20 of Xi'an Longmen Action Plan: “Xi'an Longmen Action Plan” is a new award added in Xi'an city, except for “Xi'an Future Star”. It aims to select outstanding local enterprises that have a listing prospect and intend to go to pre IPO, and then further improve Xi'an enterprise gradient cultivation, serve enterprises pertinently and help shortlisted enterprises and global excellent investment institutions in-depth docking.

With the improvement of Xi’an policy to enterprises in recent years, venture capital enterprises are more and better. Until June, 280 key enterprises are reserved and 220 "science and Technology Innovation Board" IPO enterprises are reserved, which bring more energy to the economic developmentin Xi’an. As one of them, Semipower will do better and pursue our dreams.