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Semipower Technology Co., Ltd.-Industry News-The shortage of MOSFET will last to the first half of the year 2019
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The shortage of MOSFET will last to the first half of the year 2019

Time:2019/10/22 13:55:36Number of visits:4855

In the second half of the year 2018, there is a shortage of MOSFET capacity in the world. ODM / OEM factories and system factory customers are scrambling for capacity. 
Due to the increasing demand for industrial control and automotive electronics, international manufacturers have turned to high-level MOSFET and IGBT related applications, and foreign investors have gradually withdrawn from the low-power MOSFET market: the capacity of MOSFET from ST, Infineon and other international IDM factories in the second half of the year has already been booked out. In addition, the current 8-inch wafer foundry capacity is very short, which leads to the capacity occupation for MOSFET, fingerprint identification, power management chips.  As a result, the downstream system manufacturers and ODM / OEM factories transferred orders to Taiwan factories but it is still in short supply.  Previously, due to the tight 8-inch low-voltage MOSFET production capacity, the second quarter's revenue was flat to a slight growth. It is expected that the shortage of MOSFET will be difficult to improve in the short term. The company continues to adjust its product mix to maximize its revenue and profit. It is expected that prices will rise again in August. The industry expects that judging from the current shortage of MOSFET, the supply shortage may continue to the first half of 2019, mainly due to the limited market supply capacity, and the rising demand of automobile and industrial applications for MOSFET. And the large multinational industry focuses on higher-level products with higher gross profit margin, such as IGBT, silicon carbide MOSFET and superjunction MOSFET for automobile and industrial applications. According to the previous report of international electronic business, power semiconductor IDM factories such as MOSFET and IGBT and IC Design factories have made great efforts to compete for wafer foundry capacity, including MOSFET or IGBT. 6-inch wafer foundry price has risen sharply and the 8-inch wafer foundry price is also increased by 5-10%. Previously, domestic manufacturers such as Fuman electronics, Huaguan semiconductor adjusted the price of power IC, LED Driver IC, MOSFET and other products, some of which increased by 15% - 20%. MOSFET is said to have gained the most. At present, the global electric vehicle market is growing rapidly, and the demand for MOSFET is urgent. The sales volume in the automotive application field exceeds that in the field of computing and data storage, accounting for more than 20% of the total market.

It is predicted that the supply and demand gap of global high-voltage MOSFET wafer market will still reach 30% in 2018. With the rising price of MOSFET, the profitability of relevant manufacturers is expected to increase.