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Samsung will invest 8 billion dollars to Xi’an Wafer Foundry to bet on China’s 5G

Time:2019/10/24 15:50:36Number of visits:5001

According to foreign media reports, Samsung Electronics will invest 8 billion US dollars in its wafer foundry in Xi'an, China, to promote the production of NAND flash memory wafers.

This is the second phase investment of Samsung's Xi'an flash wafer project, before which $10.8 billion was the first phase investment. The total investment of the second phase is $15 billion, the first phase is about $7billion and the second phase is $8 billion. As early as 2017, Samsung announced that it would invest $7 billion in Xi'an factory that produces NAND flash memory chips in the next three years. Samsung earlier invested $10.8 billion in a testing and packaging plant in Xi'an. It is reported that the second phase of the project is expected to be completed in the second half of 2021. After completion, 130000 pieces of new production capacity and 30 billion Yuan of new output value will be added each month. According to industry analysts,Samsung's investment comes at a time when the global memory market is expected to rebound next year. As China's 5G network layout accelerates and the demand for 5G devices and networks continues to increase, the global memory chip market will rebound next year, so it is wise to increase the investment of Chinese wafer manufacturers.