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IEV Expo ASIA 2019

Time:2019/10/24 15:52:40Number of visits:2342

IEV EXPO ASIA 2019 is at Shanghai and hosted by theMinistry of Commerce, P.R. China.  It is a national top-level platform, not only influential to Asia but also to the whole world. 

 IEV EXPO ASIA 2019 is the exclusive show platform for the intelligent electrical vehicle industry ecosystem in China and Asia, opened on Dec.12th-14th, 2019.


Focus on

IEV Expo ASIA 2019

Across the Intelligent EV|HEV|FEV - EV IndustryParts - Renewable Energy industry

                                                                                                                 Insights on technology

Along the supply chain including electrical powertrainsand components, auto electronics and intelligent driving system, new materials and manufacture equipments 

 Exhibition Categories

Intelligent EV|HEV|FEV 


Commerical Vehicle     


Logistics Vehicle       

Sanitation Vehicle   



IEV Industry Parts


Motors, Drivetrains  etc

Lithium Cell, H2 FuelCell , Biofuel Cell etc 

Battery Charging Pile, Hydrogenation Station etc


Auto Electronics,Intelligent Driving System etc


New Materials as Aluminum, Carbon etc


Vehicle CAE, CAD etc

Intelligent equipment and Manufacture Engineering 

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