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Semipower Technology Co., Ltd.-Expert introduction-Pu Hongbin
Pu Hongbin

He has been teaching and researching in electronic science and technology since 1986, focus on the basic research and new technology development of power electronic devices and its applications.  650V/50A and 1200V/30A wafers of the SiC Schottky barrier diode he researched and developed independently has been put in trial-production. He also conducts research in SiC-GTO and SiC photo thyristor. He has cooperated with enterprise in research and development of Si-IGBT and SiC-SBD modules, Sic power MOSFET and SBD modules and its drive circuit. 

Research Area: 

1. New type semiconductor materials and devices.

2. SiC materials, manufacture of SiC power electronic devices and its modules. 

Honor & Award:

He participated in the National 863 Project, National Natural Science Fund, National Post-Doctor Fund, and other projects. He has published more than 80 theses, in which 70 theses has been published in SCI and EI. He has won 6 Secience & Technology Progress Awards, and 12 patents.

He is the council member of Electronic Association of China Electrical Engineering Association, the member of College Academic Board. The special editor of  Chin. Phys. Lett., Chin. Phys. B,  Semiconductor Journal, High Voltage Technology and ELSEVIER.