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Main Motor Controller 3

Time:2019/6/27 12:51:16Number of visits:124

To meet the requirements of main driver motor for electrical vehicleproduct, and match 30KW/60KW main driver motor. It have the following characteristics:

1、Support the Auto special functions such as: regenerative braking, sliding prevention,cruise control system, reversing speed limited etc;
2、Be the new generation DSP 28335, the control is precision and the torqueresponse is more quickly;
3、Improve the robustness and reliability by thorough functions including trouble shooting, early warning, preventing and  self recovering; 
4、Be compact and small size by modular design;
5、Switch frequency can adjust automatically, motor parameters can be moreadaptive and transmission is more efficient;

6、Follow the automotive electronics selection criteria with low junctiontemperature fluctuation, and improves the product reliability andlifetime;

Suit for 2.5T logistic vehicle,  A00,A0 level passenger vehicle