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Big News for Semipower in 2019!

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3D printing globalmanufacturing center invested by Semipower is settled in Chongqing
 As an investor, Semipower, in cooperation with RECTECH and HP Corporationof the United States, established the global manufacturing center of HP 3Dprinting in Chongqing. It will integrate the most advanced 3D printing systemof HP with the industrial chain in Chongqing and even in the world, establishingthe largest 3D printing factory of HP in the world and serving Chongqing andthe global IT, medical, automobile, aerospace and other fields. Its productscover from Consumer goods, artificial intelligence, industrial manufacturing,aerospace and other fields.

Auxiliary controller and DC-DCPower developed by Semipower New Energy R&D Team are in trial run in Autonomous-railRapid Transit

Auxiliary controller and DC-DC Power developed by Semipower NewEnergy R&D Team are used in Harbin Autonomous-rail Rapid Transit. Aftermore than one month of low-temperature performance tests and field runs, the HarbinAutonomous-rail Rapid Transit conducted a trial run in thesongbei new area of Harbin on February 22, 2019. On February 22 and 23, emptycar trials were conducted, and the trial run with passengers started on Feb. 24and lasted until the beginning of March.

Autonomous-railRapid Transit is a new type of rail Transit products, which are consisted of intelligenttrolley, platform, power supply system, subsystem on the ground, such as signalsystem. The intelligent trolley has strong transport capacity, low carbon andenvironmental protection, and is fast and flexible. It has passed 13 tests involvinglow-temperature environment and icy pavement, and the test results show thatthe intelligent trolley has the ability to operate in extreme climate in thecold region of north China.