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Semipower Technology Co., Ltd.-Expert introduction-Li Jie
Li Jie

Research Area: 

High performance AC Speed Control System and energy saving technology. 

She mainly focus on the research of high efficience & performance AC Motor Control device & system. 

She has published 41 theses, 1 thesis was published in SCI, 13 theses was published in EI. She also published theses in international conference, such as ICM2017 in Australia, TENCON2016 in Singapore, APEC2016 in USA, ISIE2015 in Brazil.

Selected Thesis: 

1)Jie Li, et al. Robust Speed Control of Induction Motor Drives Employing First-order Auto-disturbance Rejection Controllers. IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications, Jan./Feb. 2015 (SCI record No.:WOS000348301300078)

2)Jie Li, Weichao Kong, Yanru Zhong Anasynchronous motor feedback linearization controlwithout Zero dynamics, 2014 (EI record No.: 20141117453580)

3)Jie Li, et al. EfficiencyOptimization of Induction Motors Based on Online Identification of Iron Loss Equivalent Resistance via Dual Extended Kalman Filter. TENCON2016,Singapore,Nov. 2016(EI record No.:20171203467707)