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Semipower Equipment Bidding Notice

Time:2019/10/24 15:26:00Number of visits:5092

Established in 2011, Xi'an semiconductor power device test application center, a Provincial Key Laboratory of SEMIPOWER, has passed the CNAS & ILAC certification for 8 consecutive years, served and tested for more than 100 customers and produced more than 1000 test reports. In order to adapt to the development plan of the test application center, standardize the equipment procurement of SEMIPOWER and realize the purpose of SEMIPOWER business expansion, R & D and test capability improvement, we invite new and old suppliers with complete certificates, reliable quality, good credit and good service to participate in the bidding.


The first batch bidding equipment list in 2019
Deadline: Nov.31,2019 (Propose)


Reliability Test Lab

Current ability 1800A

Power voltage 12V

Maximum 12 working stations to monitor junction temperature inreal time


Power voltage: more than 3000V

Accuracy: <1%, minimum 20 working stations

Temperature: room temperature~200℃, temperature difference: ±2.0℃

Leakage current detecting range: 100nA~50mA, Accuracy:2%, minimum sampling time interval: 5 minutes

Device Test Lab

Test target:IGBT/MOSFETmodule

Test circuit of the equipment: completely consistent with IEC60747-2/7/9requirement

Test parameters include: BVCES, ICES, IGESF, IGESR, VGETH, Vceon, VF

1. Main power: ≥5000V/5000A

2. with heating function: heating range minimum 25°C~175°C

3. Kelvin Four-terminal sensing
4. Tunable pulsewidth

5. High voltage source current: more than10mA with maximum voltageoutput; Current source voltage: more than 6V with maximum current output

6. With clamp, meet requirement of Econo Dual and HP1 package (After the terminalconnection is completed, the equipment shall be tested at one time)

7. Clamp interface for open equipment (install clamps for differentpackages voluntarily later)

8. the equipment safety and atmosphere protection in line with thecorresponding compulsory national standards

9. Provide typical customers in China

FA Test Lab
scanning electron microscope

1. Functions include: SE, BSE, EDS

2. Field Emission Gun

3. Accelerating voltage: ≥200V~30 kV

4. Beam-Current: ≥3pA-20 nA

5. Secondary electron resolution ratio: ≥1 nm(Accelerating voltage1kV)

6. Magnification:  ≥X50~1000K(camera magnication)

7. Filament service life≥3 years

Super-high magnification lens zoom, high resolution microscope

1. Magnification: 1x-4000x (can be adjusted by 1 times ofcontinuous stepless magnification, and can be photographed and measured at eachmagnification)

2. Work distance( the distance between lens and sample): ≥40mm

3. lighting mode: built-in Annular lighting, built-in coaxial brightfield lighting, Mixed lighting of Coaxial lighting and annular lighting,oblique lighting

4. Field of view: ≥4mm


1. Microscope HD camera CMOS size: ≥1inch

2. Maximum resolution ratio for single picture≥18megapixel, not picturepuzzle

Microscope stand

1. Inclination angle (the code can identify to 0.1°) ≥ +/- 45°

2. Optimization center function: when the lens tilts, the viewpoint of samples is still in the middle.

3. tiltable stand Z axis moving distance: ≥ 120 mm

Laser decap
1. Laser and laser head are imported.

2. Tunable pulse width≥4-200nS

3. Tunable laser frequency≥1.6kHz~1MHz

4. Output power>10W

5. Laser beam quality M2<2.0

6. Decap depth at certain power: maximum power: >3mm,  minimum power: <0.01mm

7. Laser service life>50000hours

8. Decap all plastic packaging products right now: small package SOT23,large package TO-247. Decap Al, Cu, alloy line products.  

Contact our bidding team when you want to know more specificparameters.

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